A tier list ranking of all the books about minimalism and decluttering I’ve read on the blog.

I’m not great at giving star ratings for books. I will do it for Goodreads but I don’t think it captures how I want to recommend books to people. So I made a tier list! I know the tier list trend was left behind in 2020, but I think it gives off the right energy I have about these books.

I do apologies for the photos being impossibly small. Below is the typed out version on this list (updated November 2021).

Popular for a Reason

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo

I do not have a review for this book yet. But it’s pretty much a classic in the decluttering world. I reference it often enough on here and in life. I don’t love every second of this book, but it’s detailed. Would recommend the audio book at 120% speed in place of reading it.

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Decluttering at the Speed of Life by Dana K. White Link to review

A good guide and general method for decluttering. I also like the other parts of this book about helping other declutter, prepping for a move and other.

Def Readable

Project 333 by Courtney Carver Link to review

It’s decent quick read if you need the inspiration. If you just want the rules of the system it’s on her blog.

The Year of Less by Cait Flanders Link to Review

More of a memoir than a guide, but enjoyable if you need inspiration.

Year of No Clutter by Eve O. Schaub Link to Review

Also a memoir, but more humous than The Year of Less. Also there’s a dead mouse.

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Do not remember reading

Less by Rachel Aust Link to Review

Lots of Pinterest worthy pictures, not much beyond that.

New Minimalism by Cary Telander Fortin and Kyle Louise Quilici Link to Review

Starts of a lot of different ideas but it’s not that deep.

Minimal by Laurie Barrette and Stéphanie Mandrea Link to Review

A bunch of ideas of how to be minimal and low waste in the home. A tad woowoo.

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Marge Simpson going Mmmm

The Minimalist Home by Joshua Becker Link to Review

A Gen Xer with the attitude of a Boomer explaining not owning stuff.

Declutter Like a Mother by Allie Casazza Link to Review

Published in 2022, written like it was 2016. Just very cringy

Why are you fat shaming me?

What Your Clutter is Trying to Tell you? by Kerri L. Richardson Link to Review

I don’t remember much apart for the Fat Shaming.

Goodbye, Things by Fumio Sakaki Link to Review

Listicles that would put Buzzfeed to shame.

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Voluntary Simplicity, Second Edition by Duane Elgin Link to review

Not buying stuff to help environment = good. This book = bad.

Live More, Want Less: 52 Ways to Find Order in Your Life by Mary Carlomagno Link to review

I couldn’t even finish it. I think you would get more information from reading your horoscope.

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Not Minimalism/Decluttering Related

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