Inbound vs Outbound #16 – December 2021

The point of this article is to see what I’ve purchased versus what I’ve decluttered in the month. The ultimate goal is to see, if over time, I’m bringing more into my life than taking out. Also, if the things I do bring in are adding more value into my life in the long run since I’m documenting when it’s arriving.

plane landing
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  • Three pairs for socks (gifted)
  • One stocking (gifted)
  • Wine glass set (gifted)
  • One herb saver thing (gifted)
  • One orchid (gifted)
  • One honey candle (gifted)
  • One sweater (gifted)
Me in said sweater from Crywolf Clothing
  • One Pharaohs Mask Colocasia plant (won in a contest)
  • One mini Christmas tree decoration (gifted)
  • Three scrunchies
  • One rosemary mini Christmas tree
  • One planter pot cover
  • Two skeins of yarns
  • One candle that smells like marshmallows
  • 12 days of hair accessories advent calendar
  • One food processor
  • Three plant mats
  • One box with wine and wine accessories

plane taking off
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  • Three balls of yarn (in the form of a sweater as a gift for a friend)
  • One knit hat (made for a friend)
  • One stocking (reused as wrapping for a different present)
  • Three belts (garbage since there were in bad condition)
  • One pair of shoes (garbage since it was in bad condition)
  • The rosemary Christmas tree since I killed it (RIP).

A bit more coming in this month since it was the holidays. I left out the piles of chocolate since I don’t include food in these posts.

The apartment was a tad overwhelming right after Christmas with all the wrapping and boxes but it’s back to a normal level of organized chaos.