Inbound vs Outbound #2 – October 2020

Changing the format a bit from the previous month, let me know what you think.

The point of this article is to see what I’ve purchased versus what I’ve decluttered in the month. The ultimate goal is to see if over time I’m bringing more into my life than taking out. Also if the things I do bring in are adding more value into my life in the long term since I’m documenting when it’s arriving and can think a bit more critically about the whole thing.

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  • One Canna Lily that my friend found on the side of the road and dropped off at my door;  
  • Seven Orchids that I got from my parents house;
  • One Dutch Oven;
  • One Slow Cooker;  
  • One 6 pack of reusable lids for mason jars;
  • One 12 pack of seals for mason jars;
  • One silicon bread loaf tin; 
  • Two aluminum bread load tins; 
  • One pair of black leggings; 
  • One Patagonia sweater;  
  • 2 Fjallbo Ikea shelves from Kijiji; 
  • One 12 pack of Thank You cards;  
  • One 57L bag of potting soil; 
  • One 5L bag of orchid soil;
  • One bottle of orchid fertilizer; 
  • One bag of Leca potting medium; and  
  • One set of 4 wooden double pointed knitting needles.

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  • One Pac Man belt buckle sold on Depop;
  • One coffee table;
  • Two shopping bags of knit goods, donated to be distributed to local homeless shelters; and
  • One fanny pack sold on Depop.