BOOK Review: Minimalista by Shira Gill

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Minimalista is the first book by Shira Gill, an organizing expect who’s been featured pretty much anywhere fancy, Opera, Goop, Vogue and even one of my Dad’s favorite magazines, Dwell.

I didn’t know that she was that well known. I saw this book in Libby as a recommended title for the spring cleaning and put it on hold. I’m glad I read it, it’s probably one of the best minimalism books I’ve read this year.

I vibed with the way it was written, even if it’s sorta cheugy, girlbossy. I though Gill’s writing was funny and the information was clear and concise.

Part One is an overview of minimalism and how to declutter. This book is definitely more about the aesthetics of the minimalism rather than the lifestyle, as Part Two of the book is all about decluttering your space and how to style it.

Her vibe is very Pinterest-y and I hate to say it again, cheugy. Not the Minion memes part of the cheugy, but the hanging your wide brimmed hat on your wall as a statement piece part of cheugy.

From her website. Confirms she loves wide brimmed hats
From google but to show the vibe of the book

Part One of Minimalista is the better part in my opinion. She covers the steps of decluttering as well as how to get the stuff out of your house pretty well.

I thought Part Two was a tad long since it was a room by room breakdown. As someone who only really has three rooms in their apartment, most of that section didn’t apply to me.

The last comment I had about Minimalista, is something I liked, but makes me sound petty. I liked that this book has two very obvious digs at The Home Edit. I tried reading that book after trying to watch The Home Edit show on Netflix until my partner asked me to shut it off because of the yelling.

Gill comments on how her organizing system isn’t about making everything a rainbow, the staple of The Home Edit system. Gill also comments on how jars filled with spiral Oreos are really silly. Which are valid criticisms, since The Home Edit is definitely too focus on the visual aspect of home decor to the point where it seems like a hard system to actually live with.

I quickly Googled to see if there was any beef between the two brands and I didn’t find anything. It’s probably just that they are direct competition in the niche of “Female lead, home organizing brands which have been featured on Goop”.

Shira Gill would never…

To wrap up, I would recommend the book. If you were active on Pinterest at the height of its popularity, I think you would enjoy the vibe of this book the most.

The information is solid, and I found it still current, despite my dated references throughout this post suggesting otherwise. If you see it at the library, I would say give it a flip through. It’s probably worth looking at the physical copy over the digital. I read the book on my phone and I think some of the photos and layouts were lost in the digitization process, based on the pics of physical book I’ve seen online.

Two books I didn’t hate in a row? Is that even allowed? You can read my most recent book review of Minimal Mom by Diane Boden here, and see all my book reviews here. If you’ve heard of Shira Gill or this book before I would love to hear about it in the comments.

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