Inbound vs Outbound #22 – June 2022

The point of this article is to see what I’ve purchased versus what I’ve decluttered in the month. The ultimate goal is to see, if over time, I’m bringing more into my life than taking out. Also, if the things I do bring in are adding more value into my life in the long run since I’m documenting when it’s arriving.

plane landing
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  • One pair of yoga shorts
  • One summer dress
  • One rain jacket
  • One cat harness
  • One iron on patch
  • Two hydroponics nutrients for the plants
  • Two cover pots
One of the cover pots and proof that my cat is the worst
  • A pack of Thank You cards
  • Bug spray (for me)
  • Bug spray (for my plants)
  • One duvet cover
  • One Sleeping bag
  • Two tomato plants my friend found on the side of the road.

plane taking off
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  • Six Crochet cacti (Sold)
  • Watermelon peperomia (Died)
  • Alocasia red imperial (Died)
  • Colocasia Pharaoh’s Mask (Died)
  • Peperomia frost (didn’t die, it just had bugs and I didn’t want to deal with it’s drama anymore)
  • One baseball hat from my previous company (gifted/pawned off to a friend that still works there)
  • Two pepper seedlings (Buy Nothing Group)

Something I haven’t figured out how to talk about on the blog yet is that I have a small business where I sell crochet plants and home decor items. It feels like something that should have been mentioned on here sooner.

I have some drafted posts about how its weird to read this many minimalism books but also make physical items. At the same time, Marie Kondo sells home decor items, so I can too!

It’s also not been a great month for my plants. I’ve been finding them a bit overwhelming lately, so I decided it was time to call the time of death on some of my plants. Although I’m like 30% I could revive with time and more experience. It was good to get some plant stuff out of the way. I have more planned on that front, so keep an eye out for that in the near-ish future.

You can see May’s post here. Or the rest of the series here.

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