BOOK REVIEW: Minimalist Moms by Diane Boden

Another book I’m not qualified to review since I’m not a parent!

Minimalist Moms: Living and Parenting with Simplicity is the debut book by Diane Boden, the host of the Minimalist Moms Podcast. (Not to be confused with Dawn (or her twin sister Diane) who is The Minimal Mom and will pop up when you Google this book title).

I listened to the audiobook (which wasn’t narrated by the author which was a surprise given her job), and I enjoyed it. The book tackles a bit more the lifestyle of minimalism instead of physical ownership of items. Sure, she gives you tips on how to declutter your house. As well as standard comments on how minimalism isn’t about owning nothing and only wearing black. After that, the book does touch more on the day to day of living a #minimalistlife.

Boden mentioned that there are other books that cover the step by steps of decluttering in greater detail. She mentions Marie Kondo’s Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. And disagrees with the idea of only keeping items that spark joy, since there’s stuff that doesn’t spark joy but are still useful. And one might end up keeping stuff only because it sparks joy without really exploring why it sparks that joy. Which I don’t fully disagree with, but I also think that she was taking Kondo’s main point a bit too literally in her criticism. But that part was like one paragraph that for some reason stood out.

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The main takeaway and only thing that I will remember from this book: she tier lists her friends. Like take everyone that you are currently friends with and figure out if they are BFFL, BFF, just a F or acquaintance. She said to cut everyone that isn’t a BFFL.

It’s a power move that she talked about this so openly in her book. She’s really only going to bother being friends with her sister and sister in law. But it probably feels bad for anyone that thought they were her friend and bought the book to support her, only to find out they aren’t worth the emotional labour.

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In general, I don’t have much to say about the book. A lot of the things covered are pretty standard stuff about minimalism. I think it was presented well, and I liked the voice of the audiobook narrator.

If a mother was standing at a book store trying to decide between this book or Declutter Like a Mother (my review here), I would 120% tell them to pick this one.

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Boden may tier list her friends, but I tier list minimalism books. And in my tier list, this book will comfortably sit in the “Do Not Remember Reading” tier. Right in the middle.

P.s. I’ve given Minimalist Moms Podcast a bit of a listen (like 2 episodes). There isn’t much to report back, yet. Pretty standard interviews with the guests. There’s a couple of podcast episodes that I’m interested in listening to, so I might update this portion if I hear anything of note.

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  1. I’m glad this boom gives some helpful tips about minimalism, but my jaw dropped when I read that she tiers her friendships that is insane. Her poor BFFs as Fs and acquaintances when they bought this book…. Thanks for reading so I don’t have to and hope you don’t take that part of it

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