Inbound vs Outbound #21 – May 2022

The point of this article is to see what I’ve purchased versus what I’ve decluttered in the month. The ultimate goal is to see, if over time, I’m bringing more into my life than taking out. Also, if the things I do bring in are adding more value into my life in the long run since I’m documenting when it’s arriving.

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  • One Patagonia Quarter Zip
  • Two reusable pads
  • One tinned conditioner
  • One Hoya kerrii
  • One Oregano plant
  • One Thyme plant
  • One Dill plant
  • One Parsley plant
  • A Cat leash and harness
  • One Cat Teaser Toy
  • One plastic pot

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  • Cactus shape cat starcher (Given away on Buy Nothing Group)
  • One Aloe Vera plant (Sold of FB Marketplace)
  • One Nail Polish (Finished 💅)
  • Hoya Kerrii (Tossed, it started to died like the day after I got it)
  • One Pair of Jeans, the pair included in my March post (Gifted to a friend)

My cat is obsessed with the thyme I got. He keeps jumping up where he shouldn’t and tries to eat it. That’s been a bit of a challenge this month. If you have any tips for stopping a cat for eating and attacking plants I would love to hear them! The current method is just closing the door to the room where the thyme is living. But that’s kinda annoying.

My outbound is mostly filled with purchases I regret. The cat scratcher, the Kerrii, and the pants were all bought pretty recently. I guess the lesson is to not buy things that are Final Sale. Especially the pants. I bought them online and they are nowhere close to fitting me despite the size guide. I tried selling them online on Depop, but didn’t get any traction. I’m happy that this purchase wasn’t a complete dud and I was able to gift them to a friend.

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