Inbound vs Outbound #12 – September 2021

The point of this article is to see what I’ve purchased versus what I’ve decluttered in the month. The ultimate goal is to see, if over time, I’m bringing more into my life than taking out. Also, if the things I do bring in are adding more value into my life in the long run since I’m documenting when it’s arriving.

Last month was very impressive with soooo things being removed from my life since I was moving. This month… Not as much.

plane landing
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  • Bread maker;
  • One shower curtain;
  • Two jewel orchids;
Pray for my orchids, they both rotted at the base right after I bought em
  • One work sweater;
  • One work polo;
  • One dresser;
  • One bath mat;
  • One toilet brush;
  • One cactus;
  • One orchid (this is actually an orchid I originally gifted to a friend, but they are moving so I’ve gotten it back);
  • One mini garlic/ginger grater;
  • One coffee table;
  • One side table;
  • Three bar stools;
  • Two Ikea closet shelf organizers; and
  • One bear wall art.
So majestic
plane taking off
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  • A bunch of hangers (garbage);
  • One kettle (garbage);
  • Three plants (gifted to a friend).

This September wasn’t much of a month of pretend I care about minimalism or whatever. You may notice that most of the items that are coming into my life are pretty large and/or should last a long time. So I’m hoping you won’t be seeing me replacing or decluttering them anytime soon.

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